Some of us are quite capable of burying our wounds deep down inside, and we can pour all our efforts into work and other things to keep us sufficiently distracted. But carrying all this baggage around is not healthy, and hiding from our greatest sources of pain will not help us heal. In fact, it is like allowing weeds to grow inside the garden of your heart, and left unattended, it can quite literally choke the life out of you.

Facing up to our greatest disappointments and regrets is not easy, but once we can admit them to ourselves and some of our trusted loved ones, we can at least start to gain some perspective. By accepting our own role in certain unfortunate events, we can at least learn to be better and perhaps act more prudently in the future. By then taking something negative and converting it into a positive experience, we can change our whole outlook on anything, including love and life.

The final phase of healing involves getting closure. When you can let go of the past and start to focus on the future. I know it sounds so cliche, but the best part is definitely in the final phase– when you can let go of the past, let the pain just wash away, and finally make room in your heart for the possiblity of falling in love again. To truly be able to believe that the best years of your life have not been squandered but are actually yet to come. To be filled once again with hope– that hands down is indeed the sweetest moment.