Two years ago, I have to admit I was not looking forward to Valentine’s Day, and so I threw an anti-Valentine’s Day party, which included a pinata that featured a Disney princess, which I then crossed out with a large black marker. It was with great glee that I bashed that pinata, together with some other single friends. Let me just be totally honest, the rest of that year was filled with a series of disasterous dates. Needless to say, the following year I respectfully ignored Valentine’s Day in silence. In the months that ensued, I found my family, and they filled my heart with more love than I ever thought imaginable.

This year, for those that have been following the blogs lately, it does indeed seem that I’ve been struck by Cupid. One friend asked me recently if I’ve finally found my unicorn– which references a far earlier blog that I wrote stating that finding the perfect man is like a quest for a unicorn. Well, I realize that fairy tale creatures do not exist, and I’m not going to pretend to be able to predict the future, but I will say I am looking forward to a romantic Valentine for the first time in a very long time.

There is no magic formula that we can all apply to secure that perfect Valentine, but I am truly beginning to believe in karma. Negative thoughts tend to breed nothing but further negativity; meanwhile those with positive thoughts and energy seem to invite the right people and opportunities into their lives. Keeping this in mind, maybe we can all stop waiting on Cupid and instead make an effort in our own lives to spread some good Valentine’s Day karma.