In the past week, several have brought to my attention this common problem among many– a fear of change. So many take comfort in what they know, that which is familiar, and so even if it is not ideal, they would prefer to stay within their comfort zone than to venture out into the unknown. But sadly, life is full of change, and those that cannot adapt will be at a severe disadvantage.

A wise, older woman was telling me that too many people try to shield their children from changes, but in her opinion children should be exposed to changes (obviously within reason) so that they understand and learn that changes are normal and necessary sometimes to get to a better place. I could not agree with her more– as much as I believe children need stability and consistency in their lives, I also believe they need to experience the world around them.

Throughout the years, I have found the most interesting individuals (and usually the best story tellers) are always the ones that are willing to seek adventure- they travel, try new restaurants, have jobs with varying assignments and are always meeting new people. To be fun for others, and enjoy life in the process, requires us to break out of our regular routines, overcome whatever hang-ups are holding us back, and embrace new opportunities. I don’t see why we should fear change– what I fear is not being able to change.