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For over 20 years, Regina A. DeMeo has been helping families in MD and DC with custody and divorce issues either through mediation, litigation or advocacy. She is an alumna of Georgetown University and GW University Law School, who is nationally recognized as a top matrimonial attorney. She is frequently quoted in the media for her ideas to promote healthier relationships and featured in the Washington Post, ABA Journal and Bethesda Magazine for her care and commitment to her clients. As a legal commentator, she has appeared on Washington Post Express Facebook Live, ABC tv, Good Morning America, MMCTV, YouTube and Sirius XM, and has been quoted in various magazines, books and journals across the country.

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2109, 2022

Are You Ready To Meet Your Forever Person?

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They say we learn more from our failures than we do from our experiences with sucess, and never has this statement been more accurate then when applied to dating. When everything is super easy you're just riding that cocaine high and enjoying the good times together.  But when things become difficult, that is when you really see if the relationship can really go the distance. Ever since I divorced my college sweetheart in 2005, I spent the better part of the past 17 years playing 20 questions.  Honestly, it was a great distraction when I wasn't focused on work or raising my son.  I personally enjoy mapping people- it's interesting to see where did they come from, where are they now, and where are they heading?  And if you enjoy similar activities, it's very easy to get lost in the moment and just enjoy the present without thinking too far down the road as to whether you could ever settle down with this person.  Unfortunately, when you are busy having fun, precious time can fly by and before you even realize it you've spent months or perhaps years settling for Mr. Right Now instead of holding out for Mr. Right.   This past decade started off with an engagement on my 40th birthday, and six months later I called it [...]

3008, 2022

Have You Tried To Quietly Quit At Home?

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Quietly quitting, which is defined as doing the bare minimum in response to crappy jobs, low wages, and/or abusive bosses is not a new thing in the workplace, although it certainly has gained momentum during COVID.  It's easy to become increasingly apathetic when we don't feel appreciated, and why would you continue to give 100% when it's not being reciprocated?  Normally in these situations, I prefer to address conflict directly, but sometimes there is something to be said for taking a more subtle approach, particularly with kids at home.  As someone that never quietly quit at work or with a romantic partner, it took me a while to come around to seeing how this tactic might come in handy or apply to my own life, and then it hit me: parenting.  Being a single mom to a teenager during COVID has not been easy, and in response to a significant lack of respect or appreciation I admit that I quietly began to pull back in order to regain my equilibrium.  The fact is there are only so many years as a parent that you can ignore how your patience, generosity and kindness are taken for granted. And as children are about to launch, they need to learn to take on more responsibility, which is a huge part of adulting. [...]

2508, 2022

Now That The Kids Are Gone, What’s Next?

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According to the 2020 Census, there are 22.5 million empty-nesters over age 50 in the U.S. and the odds are 1 in 4 couples will divorce now that the kids are out of the house.  For some, this may come as a surprise but for most, the marriage was over years ago, however they did their best to keep it together at least until the kids launched.  Either way, it is important to realize that for everyone involved, this is a very sensitive time of transition where everyone will question their new roles. Those couples that choose to end their marriage and embark in a "gray divorce" may think that the process will be less complicated without having to tackle the issues of child support and custody, however, there still remain difficult discussions surrounding the division of assets and potentially spousal support when there is a disparity in incomes.  Experienced attorneys are needed to help navigate these complex negotiations, and individual counseling is key to managing expectations and all the emotions associated with the loss of your marriage and creation of a new life. Even those couples that opt to stay together now that the kids have launched may benefit from some couples counseling as they start a new phase of their relationship.  As household responsibilities and demands on [...]

1908, 2022

Can You Be The Bigger Person?

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It's not easy to take the high road, but it does pay off. Trust me, I have now spent half my life helping families in conflict navigate our court system in our nation's capital. After more than two decades of working on highly complex family law cases, I have come to accept that it is very difficult to change someone's perception of reality, especially if they don't want to see another point of view. Rather than argue with someone intransigent, you need to find a different path forward that allows you to preserve your dignity and integrity. In court, every email, text, or other written exchange between two parties can be introduced as evidence, so I always encourage people (even without litigation pending) to filter what they write.  Before you hit send, ask yourself: would you be okay having that message read out loud in an open courtroom? If the answer is no, then don't send it.  Wait until you are calmer, maybe ask a friend to help you edit your message, and try your best to keep it simple and polite. When dealing with someone that has a mental health issue, especially a personality disorder, you cannot expect rational behavior from someone that is irrational.  Less is best in these situations, so keep your messages brief and be [...]

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