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For over 20 years, Regina A. DeMeo has been helping families in MD and DC with custody and divorce issues either through mediation, litigation or advocacy. She is an alumna of Georgetown University and GW University Law School, who is nationally recognized as a top matrimonial attorney. She is frequently quoted in the media for her ideas to promote healthier relationships and featured in the Washington Post, ABA Journal and Bethesda Magazine for her care and commitment to her clients. As a legal commentator, she has appeared on Washington Post Express Facebook Live, ABC tv, Good Morning America, MMCTV, YouTube and Sirius XM, and has been quoted in various magazines, books and journals across the country.

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1205, 2022

Tips For Self-Care When Parenting Teenagers

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The sacrifices we make as parents are impossible to quantify, but usually there is an immense emotional reward for all the efforts we make for our children, who give us purpose, a sense of belonging and love-- at least until those teenage years hit.Honestly, the past four years while my son was in high school, it has been my family and friends that have kept me sane. Unlike ever before it seemed none of my efforts were appreciated. It was as if I didn't matter, and I felt like a second-class citizen in his presence. None of my advice seemed to matter, and certainly my feelings were rarely if ever considered in his daily choices. If I didn't find a positive outlet, this situation would have taken a serious toll on me.Luckily, I have good friends with children of the same age, and together we would commiserate. There is a line from The Adam Project that sums up the situation perfectly, "teenagers are the assassins of joy." But when you start feeling this way, I urge you to go find your own happiness.The past few years, I have found my own joy in the work that I do as an attorney with families, teaching students and young lawyers, while also being on the Board of a non-profit for women [...]

305, 2022

Celebrating Mother’s Day, Your Own Way

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In May 1998, I graduated from GW Law School in Washington, DC and that was probably the best Mother's Day gift I ever could have given my mother, who emigrated from Ecuador to New York City after high school with big dreams for a better life here in America.   She brought her mother over years later, and together those two women raised me to believe that anything was possible here. Five years after law school, I became a mother while working as an associate at a posh downtown law firm.  Little did I realize how much my life would change once my son was born.  When I returned from maternity leave (there was no set firm policy about this at the time) I tried to negotiate a flexible schedule, which was met with substantial resistance even though I had initially been told we would be able to discuss this once I settled into my new routine.  The interactions with my boss changed, as did my assignments, and after a year of feeling dismissed and under-utilized, I left to start my own law firm. The decision to start my own company less than two (2) years after having a child was not an easy one, but the reality was that I didn't have faith that any of the other firms [...]

2804, 2022

The Importance of Title IX, 50 Years Later

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In June 1972, Congress enacted Title IX which required educational programs receiving federal assistance to ensure women were given equal access to sports.  Later that same year I was born, so I am truly a Title IX baby, who fell in love with sports at an early age.  For my mother and grandmother, who raised me, it was a good way for me to channel all my energy, while also ensuring that I was engaged in safe activities after school.  For me, it was a complete game-changer that has impacted every aspect of my life. By age 11, when I began competing in rhythmic gymnastics I firmly believed that anything was possible and that I was in every respect equal to my male peers at school.  Despite my modest upbringing I had very clear and ambitious life goals, and sports taught me the importance of setting goals, developing a plan, and savoring each and every win as it happens.  But in order to continue with my gymnastic endeavors, my mother made it clear that I could not allow my academic performance to suffer.  As a result, I became super disciplined and organized at an early age.  In order to get in 3 hours of training a day and longer on weekends that were not spent in competitions, I had [...]

804, 2022

4 Easy Steps To Gaining Financial Literacy

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April is Financial Literacy month, and in that vein I will be the guest speaker on two upcoming podcasts- one is focused on business owners and the other seeks to educate and empower women.  23 years ago, when I started practicing family law, if you told me I would be presenting on financial literacy I would have thought you were nuts.  After being a student for two decades, all I had was over $100,000 of student debt with an undergraduate degree in diplomacy and a J.D., both of which were nicely framed and displayed in my Washington, DC office. Thankfully, over the past two decades that investment in my education has largely paid off, despite multiple life setbacks, and in addition to what I experienced in my own financial journey, I have had to weather hundreds of other storms as my divorce clients grapple with creating new monthly budgets and reassessing their financial investments as part of their divorce.  In the process, I found there are a ton of resources out there available to people of any age that need help with establishing a budget and understanding the financial options out there.  Take it in baby steps. Step One: Get Educated and Organized Educate yourself as to what your total household income is and how much you are actually [...]

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