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For over 20 years, Regina A. DeMeo has been helping families in MD and DC with custody and divorce issues either through mediation, litigation or advocacy. She is an alumna of Georgetown University and GW University Law School, who is nationally recognized as a top matrimonial attorney. She is frequently quoted in the media for her ideas to promote healthier relationships and featured in the Washington Post, ABA Journal and Bethesda Magazine for her care and commitment to her clients. As a legal commentator, she has appeared on Washington Post Express Facebook Live, ABC tv, Good Morning America, MMCTV, YouTube and Sirius XM, and has been quoted in various magazines, books and journals across the country.

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1502, 2024

5 Key Considerations In Favor of a Prenup

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Marriage these days is nothing like those of prior generations.  Over 1/3 of women these days outearn their husbands, and over 75% of couples have a two-income household.  As everyone has become painfully aware of the divorce rates (along with the financial and legal entanglements that arise from these unions) prenuptial agreements have consistently been trending upwards over the past two decades-- not just with the trust fund babies or second marriages. Working with couples about to marry, here are some key points I ask them to consider: Property- what do you want to keep as separate versus what will you be building together?  For many, there may not be much at the moment, but perhaps there are intellectual property rights, the expectation of an inheritance or interest in a future business that they need to protect. Spousal Support- do you think each person should be self-supporting and that a full waiver of alimony is appropriate? Or maybe we can just minimize the exposure for each party by setting up some caps in terms of the amount and/or duration in the event someone might need financial assistance in the future if the couple parts ways. Managing Expenses- while sharing a home together, what are the expectations with respect to how much each person will contribute? Many people these days maintain [...]

902, 2024

What Goes Into A Parenting Plan?

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We all know that many couples are opting not to get married these days, and yet they are still creating families.  In the United States, we now have about 40% of children born to unmarried women.  Whether the fathers are involved or not afterwards varies greatly, but as soon as the couple starts to experience major disagreements about parenting it's imperative they get some professional assistance with creating a Parenting Plan. When parents are contemplating a separation, they need to clearly establish in a legal contract what their respective rights and responsibilities will be with respect to the children.   A Parenting Plan is a legal contract that outlines (1) the level of financial support each party will provide for the children, (2) a mechanism for making major decisions about the children’s health, education and general welfare, and (3) a the time-sharing arrangement they will have on a regular weekly basis, as well as holidays and summer. The first step in developing a parenting plan is to discuss with an experienced professional what the parents will say to the children about the separation, and hopefully develop a shared narrative that is age-appropriate.  Next is to work together to acclimate the children to two separate homes, and possibly two different sets of rules in each house.  The more that children can [...]

1912, 2023

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer: Do You Need One for Your Case?

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Divorce, often a complex and emotional journey, presents various paths depending on the circumstances. An uncontested divorce, where both parties agree on major aspects like asset division, alimony, and child custody, is one such path. It raises an important question: is an uncontested divorce lawyer necessary for a process that seems straightforward? This article delves into the crucial role of a lawyer in ensuring a smooth, legally sound uncontested divorce. Understanding Uncontested Divorce An uncontested divorce occurs when both spouses agree on all key issues of their separation, paving the way for a faster, less costly, and less stressful resolution compared to contested divorces. However, the legalities and procedural intricacies of divorce remain, necessitating professional guidance. The Role of an Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Legal Guidance: An uncontested divorce lawyer provides invaluable advice, ensuring your rights are protected while navigating the complexities of divorce laws. Document Preparation and Review: Handling numerous legal documents is a critical aspect of divorce. A lawyer ensures all paperwork is accurately prepared, completed, and filed, minimizing the risk of errors that could delay the process. Objective Perspective: Emotional involvement can cloud judgment. A lawyer offers an objective viewpoint, helping you make informed decisions that align with your long-term interests. Mediation and Negotiation: If disagreements arise, a lawyer can serve as a mediator, facilitating constructive discussions to [...]

1712, 2023

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution for 2024?

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As we wind down 2023, my biggest take-away is this: repair what you can and walk away from what you can't. Both personally and professionally over this past year I learned to isolate areas of stress and determine which ones I could fix and which ones were beyond my control. There is a powerful lesson in quitting, especially with lost causes. Letting go allows us to stop wasting time and resources on futile people or projects and instead focus our energy on positive endeavors that are achievable and completely within our control. With that in mind, here are 5 key areas in our lives that we can strive to improve upon in the new year: 1. Personal Relationships- We are social beings, not meant to be as isolated as many of us have become the past 3 years as a result of Covid. Navigating relationships with colleagues, friends, family and/or a significant other have never been easy, but it's certainly become more complicated as we all grapple with the lingering effects of a pandemic that has changed how we all live and interact with others. As we now accept our "new norm" it's important to identify those individuals that are worthy of our time and effort and say good-bye to those that are not. 2.Physical Health– How comfortable are you with your [...]

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